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Product Overview

Super Citrus Trees are grown predominantly for commercial citrus farmers. The trees are commonly shipped within California and the California Citrus Industry which is TreeSource’s core customer base. However, because Super Citrus Trees only weigh about 5 pounds each, they can be shipped almost anywhere.

What is a Super Citrus Tree?

It’s a container grown tree produced in a greenhouse that incorporates 21st century technology. For over a decade, TreeSource has innovated and refined container growing of citrus trees. A unique pot design and special growing media makes our citrus trees a Super Citrus Tree that grows stronger than the trees of the past. Over 600,000 of our Super Citrus Trees can be grown and stored in insect-resistant facilities to protect against Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) or Aphids carrying Citrus Tristeza Virus (CTV).


The power is in the root system. Breakthroughs in nursery container technology insure Super Citrus Trees have massive amounts of roots that are ready to charge into your orchard’s soil. There is no root circling and a specialized soil media insures maximum root development. You’ll be amazed at how many roots are in such a small container!


A finished Super Citrus Tree takes about 12 months to finish from the time it is budded. This time may be a bit longer if a slow growing variety and or rootstock is desired. If you are interested in ordering, it is important that you call TreeSource 18 months before you plan to plant your orchard to insure the best selection and to provide adequate time for us to make outstanding Super Citrus Trees for you.


Each Super Citrus Tree comes with a fiberglass stake. This reusable stake is stronger than it looks and can move when those pesky dust devils blow through your new planting. After one year, the stake is no longer needed and TreeSource credits your account with $.05/stake that is returned. Recycling the stake and container helps us reduce our carbon footprint and are Sustainable Practices.

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Price List

Super Citrus
Super Citrus
Super Citrus
Super Citrus

130 per variety minimum for a propagated order

Weight: 4.75 oz / each

$2.00 Added Charge for C-22 & Flying Dragon

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