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Product Overview

The Small Pot tree, or SP, is a medium sized Citrus Plant Grown in an air pruned 4”x4”x8” pot. It is available in any variety mix to suit your needs or market opportunities. The SPs make great shifting stock that can quickly finish a #1-#5 gallon product that are often “retail ready” within a short time after arrival.

The SPs have been pruned to develop a low scaffold for a nice, bushy finished product. The root system is outstanding because the SPs are grown in air-pruned pots that allow a denser, more fibrous root system. 


The trees can be grown on a variety of rootstocks to fit your geographic location. The Sales team can provide you with variety recommendations or custom grow the plants to your varietal specifications.


We recommend receiving your SPs in late Summer and most varieties will be ready for delivering to your customers in Spring

Price List

Small Pot
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