Heidi & Lloyd in Greenhouse

TreeSource recognizes that for us to be successful, our customers must also be successful. With that in mind, we try to provide numerous services to our customers!



Contact us about having one of our representatives reach out to you for a consultation. We have a staff of knowledgeable and friendly professionals with many years of industry experience at your service. If you have questions regarding the planting, care and maintenance of your trees, we would be more than happy to assist you. We offer Consultations to those customers who are just starting to think about planting all the way to those having problems with 20-year-old Trees. If we do not have the answers, we will direct you to someone who does. Contact our office for a consultation.

Informational Field Days

We offer a unique experience to our customers by opening our facilities to field tours where we proudly show our state-of-the-art greenhouses and the trees we produce. During the tour we show every aspect of growing our trees, from the beginning as a rootstock seedling until the finished tree is prepared for delivery. You will learn about many aspects of propagation, grafting and tree care in a nursery setting. We invite most of the local industry and always have topics that are at the top of a grower’s concerns. They are educational, informative and the response has been tremendous.

Visit Our Resources

We have compiled a wealth of information available to you in both downloadable .pdf documents as well as videos linked to our You Tube page. These resources are available to you here and cover multiple subjects. We have information available for both commercial growers growing in a field setting to container nurseries starting a Citrus program.

Tree Source Citrus Nursery