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Most of the trees that are produced at TreeSource are standard trees, but we may have some dwarfing citrus in our available inventory. We can also do Semi-dwarfing trees. We have the ability to propagate dwarfing trees upon request with a minimum of 100 on an order.  An extra $.40/tree fee will be added due to the extra growing time.

This really depends on the Variety and the Rootstock.  Most standard Citrus stays around 15 feet.   Dwarfing rootstocks can reduce the tree to about 25% of standard size, while a Semi-Dwarfing Rootstock can cause it to be about 75% of standard size.

A custom grown order will be about 12 inches from the Soil up. Note-some varieties such as Mandarins and Finger Limes are small trees to begin with so they could possibly be smaller when shipped.

You will probably see bloom and fruit on the liners within the same year that you will receive them, but for anything substantial, most varieties take 2-3 years.  This will also depend on the size of the fruit-the tree will need to be able to hold the weight of the fruit. 

All of the Citrus trees in our greenhouses are continually being fertilized.  You should not have to treat them until 3-4 months after you receive them.

This could be due to an inadequate rootstock selection for your particular growing area.  It could also be due to Over-Watering causing Root Rot or lack of fertilization.

We can ship the liners in Cardboard boxes.  We use plastics to wrap the root balls to retain moisture and we simulate a greenhouse environment within the box to create the best situation possible for travel.  Most of our shipments go out through UPS.  If you wish to use another company for your order, talk to the representative when you are placing your order. For international shipments, we also use forwarding companies that keep the boxes in Coolers when not in flight.

Domestically, we cannot ship into Florida or Texas.  International rules change all the time, so it’s best to check with your local Agriculture department for information on local regulations.

You can, but it takes a lot of time and effort to care for the liners while they are in the ground.  We recommend that you plant them in a 1-3 gallon pot, grow them out and plant the following year.  (This time can fluctuate depending on where trees are grown.  In a greenhouse, the timeline can be reduced)

For Citrus Liners, during the optimum time of the year, we can have a tree ready 12 weeks from the time of Budding. 

We like to say we are the Wholesalers Wholesaler.  However, we can accommodate smaller orders.  They will just be at the higher prices.

We have the ability to propagate hundreds of varieties.  Way too many to put in a catalog.  We recommend looking at the University of Riverside listing that can be found here ( https://citrusvariety.ucr.edu/citrus/alphabetical.html#a).    If the variety is “commercially available” then we can access the budwood and propagate those varieties.  If Budwood has to be purchased, you may incur and additional fee for the budwood that has to be purchased.

Super trees are grown 1-2 years in advance. Most of our trees are contracted and already have a home.  However, we do have extra inventory from time to time.  Our current systems do not allow us to track the available inventory automatically.  You would need to contact the office to inquire on what trees are available.

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