Product Overview

Rootstock seed is the foundation of any citrus nursery operation. Seed extraction requires a series of precise steps to ensure a uniform product that can be stored for many months without risk of deterioration. We harvest the fruit from our seed trees that are certified by the California Division of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and follow a perfected process to extract and clean the seed. At TreeSource we package our seed in 1 to 3-liter bags that are heat sealed to reduce the risk of contamination during storage. All seed is heat treated and dipped in fungicide to eliminate contamination.

To determine the quantity of seed you require, look below at our seed counts per liter and pricing chart. Seed counts per liter vary slightly from year to year depending on the size of seeds produced, but the chart will give you a good average for each rootstock type we supply. We sell all our seed by volume since weight is a poor way to sell citrus seed as moisture content can influence weight so dramatically.

Rootstock seed is harvested from November to February and can be stored without a significant impact on germination percentage 8-12 months. Supply varies from year to year and orders are accepted based on availability. Contact Us for information on pricing and availability. Payment in advance is required for all seed shipments.

Citranges Pricing Chart

Variety1-3 Liters4-19 liters20-99 liters100+ litersApprox. seed/liter

Trifoliates Pricing Chart

Variety1-3 Liters4-19 liters20-99 liters100+ litersApprox. seed/liter
Flying Dragon$104.00$103.00$100.00$97.004,410
Rich 16-6$105.00$103.00$100.00$97.003,885

Other Pricing Chart

Variety1-3 Liters4-19 liters20-99 liters100+ litersApprox. seed/liter
Sour Orange$105.00$103.00$100.00$100.003,570
Citrumelo 4475 – Swingle$105.00$103.00$100.00$100.003,150
Cleopatra Mandarin$105.00$103.00$100.00$100.006,300
Grapefruit CRC 343$115.00$110.00$105.00$105.003,500

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